Sea of Dreams Update - October 2022

11 Oct 2022
Sea of Dreams Update - October 2022

Hello Everyone,
Today we are releasing a small update for Sea of Dreams. We are working on quality-of-life things.

The list of changes:

  • The Sea of Dreams Launcher is now optionnal. Steam asks you to choose at launch whether you want to launch it or not (configuration tool). This allows us to delete a step when launching the game via Steam Deck or Big Screen.
  • The Sea of Dreams Launcher main interface now support gamepad.
  • Improved in-game floating texts that now displays the gamepad button rather than the keyboard letter.
  • Engine update (Unity).
  • The monsters now have a purple aura around them.
  • Added the Dezeiraud logo at the launch of the game (loading screen).
  • Fixed a user interface issue in the elevator for the French version.
  • Fixed an issue with the Steam Deck (black borders at top and bottom of the screen).
  • Interaction text is shorter than before.

Have a good month of October. Halloween is coming! The perfect time to board the Sea of Dreams. And thank you again!