Sea of Dreams Update for Android, iOS and Xbox - October 2022

30 Oct 2022
Sea of Dreams Update for Android, iOS and Xbox - October 2022

Hello everyone,
Today we are releasing a BIG update for Sea of Dreams on Android, iOS and Xbox / Microsoft Store platform. To align with the Steam version who receive a lot of new stuff and fixes in the last few months.

Bug fixes

  • Improved in-game floating texts that now displays the gamepad button.
  • Engine update (Unity).
  • The monsters now have a purple aura around them.
  • Added the Dezeiraud logo at the launch of the game (loading screen).
  • Fixed a user interface issue in the elevator for the French version.
  • Interaction text is shorter than before.
  • Changed the term CD to disc.
  • Removed Lucie's dialog from the chest code, which is confusing (because it's already open). It simply indicates to manage.
  • Monologue in the vault chamber, where the player remarks to himself that he was forced into it.
  • Closing the casino door behind the player on the player's first visit. He must solve the riddle of the casino to be able to leave (this lets the player know that he has something to do in the room, and that he is not walking around without understanding where to go).
  • Fixed a music bug, if the sound was at 0 and the player started a new game, there was still game music.
  • Fixed lights in control room, shader issue with some phones.
  • Changed the "where_are_all" dialog with indication of rooms and casino.
  • Changed main menu design.
  • We have reworked the light system. And the visual ambiance of the game.
  • We have reworked the preference system (game settings).
  • We've reworked achievement icons (Android and iOS only).
  • We readjusted the sound of the newspaper.
  • A small luminous glow is present around the player during the running pursuit.

The update is already available on all platforms.

Thank you,